Lone Wolfe McQuane

A Cor Sec officer who doesn't follow anyone elses rules...even his own!


Class: Soldier 1
Race: Human

HP: 32
AC: 17
Fort: 14
Ref: 15
Will: 10

Str: 14
Con: 14
Dex: 18
Int: 10
Wis: 8
Cha: 10

Speed: 6 squares
Ranged: Blaster Carbine 6 (3d82) or
Ranged: Blaster Carbine 7 (3d83) at Point Blank
Melee: Unarmed +3 (1d4 +2)

Point Blank Shot
Weapon Focus: Rifles

Trained Skills:
Initiative +9, Pilot +9, Jump +7, Endurance +7

Weapon Specialization: Rifles

Blaster Carbine
Blast helmet and vest
Power Recharger
8 Power Packs
Breath Mask


Ever since Lone Wolfe McClaine was but a wee pup, he had always wanted to be a Cor Sec officer like his father, and his father before him and his father before him, and his father before him and so on and so forth. It was no surprise then, when Lone Wolfe enlisted into the force at the ripe young age of 15!

McClaine quickly rose through the ranks snubbing out Death Stick rings and pedo-wookies the like, but not without gaining a notoriety for causing an absurd amount of collateral damage in the process. Often, entire city blocks would become cratered holes in the wake of McClaine’s firefights with various criminals. Eventually the Corellian Security Force had enough of McClaine wasting away tax payer money on these endless charades, and so they did what any officer fears most, they took away his gun…AND HIS BADGE.

But that didn’t stop Lone Wolfe McClaine! He decided to take the law into his own hands and hunted down the worst of the galaxies criminal scum on his own time…on his own terms. Needless to say, about 15,789 innocent civilians became casualties of McClaine’s war path of vigilantism. Childrens Hospitals, endangered species zoos, Unicorn ranches, chocolate factories, and the Jedi Academy which at the time only housed Little un’s for some reason, all were deducted to mere smoking holes of destruction.

Finally, McClaine’s enemies had enough! So, they devised their most evil plan ever…they captured his daughter! Woe be the man who interferes with Lone Wolfe McClaine’s family which is barely holding together anyway! It took McClaine years of hunting, interrogating and shooting some more, all the while uncovering hidden, underground, secret crime rings of death stick-smuggling, little-un trafficking, last-shooting criminals, before he finally saved his daughter from the grasp of these wretched beings! McClaine’s wife divorced him anyway even though he saved their only daughter from certain death, all the while investing years of his own time into rescuing her which he’ll never get back…

Needless to say, McClaine was eventually incarcerated due to his collateral-damage-ensuing exploits. He worked nine hard months in the spice mines of Ord Mantell, surrounded by hundreds of the very criminals he had put in that very prison himself. One could say, he was a…lone wolf in that situation. After sending 20 inmates and 57 guards into the infirmary with 5th degree burns due to a kitchen accident, McClaine merely replied to the prison officials, “none of you understand, I’m not locked up in here with you, you’re locked in here with me.”

It wasn’t before long that McClaine was visited by his ex captain from the 27th Cor Sec Precinct, known simply as “the Chief.” McClaine was offered a potential Presidential pardon if he were simply to complete a quick recon mission in the jungles of Endor. The entire escapade turned upside down when our hero was not only dropped off miles from his landing point due to an equipment malfunction, but that hundreds of other Cor Sec officers were being held captive in an Imperial prison!…which was controlled by Ewoks! Damned be the man or tribal, fury being which captivates one of Lone Wolfe McClaine’s men! Thousands of Ewoks were slaughtered in a 15 day battle as McClaine attempted to rescue his men from their wretched hands. However, just as they were about to be rescued by a Corellian chopper, the mission was cut off for various and confusing reasons, and McClaine was left stranded with Ewoks coming in from all sides!

Our hero was eventually captured. Betrayed, McClaine could only watch as his fellow Corellians were forced back into their holding cells. Dead is the man who stabs Lone Wolfe McClaine in the back for quasi political purposes or merely to advance the overall plot somewhat! McClaine, seizing a quick opportunity, killed the Ewok general and proceeded to murder every last Ewok in the encampment, along with flying back the rest of the Cor Sec hostages, all the while shooting down pirate ships and Imperial star destroyers the like!

When McClaine finally made it back home, he was awarded his 27th Corellian metal of honor, along with his badge…and his gun…for the 50th time. For once in our hero’s life, everything was good in the world. He had his old job back and his separated/dysfunctional family was kind of, sort of on speaking terms again…until disaster struck! McClaine’s divorced wife was involved in a freak airspeeder accident which ended her short and miserable life. McClaine was devastated! He holed up, buying a trailer by the beach along with a dog for company, drinking his emotions away into the later hours of the eve. The only thing that has kept McClaine alive is his job on the force and getting it done…his own way!

Lone Wolfe McQuane

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