A long, long time ago. In a Galaxy far, far away…

The clone wars have ended and the Empire has taken the galaxy for its prize. Numerous rebel factions live on in the hopes that one day the evil of the Empire will be overcome and freedom will once again thrive throughout the galaxy.

During this time of unrest mercenary groups and bounty hunters find steady work. The Jedi are all but a whisper in the annals of history and survival is the one thing everyone has on their minds.

Though for some destiny has a different plan up its sleeve. Four lost souls will have their fates intertwined as they each search the galaxy for money they have not, power they crave, a more philosophical knowing of who they are, the ability to live life the way they want to, or love once found but now lost. These four adventurers will soon meet and begin their journey wrought with danger, excitement, and a little fun along the way.

So watch as the story unfolds before your eyes in Star Wars Episode 3.5: Merciful Mercenaries.

Star Wars Episode 3.5: Merciful Mercenaries

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